In-House Diagnostics

Our in-house laboratory equips us to conduct a variety of diagnostic tests crucial for comprehensive pet care quickly and easily so we can get your pet on their paws in no time.

In-House Diagnostics for Pets

From basic laboratory tests to advanced diagnostic tools, our lab work ensures timely results, enabling swift treatment for your pet.

At Affordable Animal Hospital in Compton, we embrace cutting-edge medical technology, including whole-body and dental digital radiographs. Radiology, a non-invasive diagnostic technique, allows us to peer inside your pet’s body, providing valuable insights. We can easily share radiograph copies with you via email, keeping you informed.

Essentially, radiology grants us a non-invasive glimpse into your pet’s internal organs, aiding in early detection and prevention of illnesses. Our staff ensures the safe use of radiology as a diagnostic tool, striving to deliver the highest standard of medical care for your pet.

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